Upcoming Talks

In the next week, I will give some talks in Vienna.

1.) Cross Mobile Testautomation mit XAMARIN & SPECFLOW

It is a talk about using SpecFlow (www.specflow.org) to test your mobile applications.

It is held for the Vienna Mobile Quality Crew at Bena Business Services GmbH
(Herrengasse 1-3, Vienna) at the 23. April 2015.

More information: http://www.meetup.com/Vienna-Mobile-Quality-Crew-Meetup/events/220673132/


2.) .Net & OpenSource – current status

The talk is about the current status of the “open sourcing” of the .Net Framework.

It is held within the Linuxwochen Vienna (www.linuxwochen.at) somewhen on 7. – 9. May 2015.


3.) iOS und Android Entwicklung mit Xamarin

In this talk I show how you use Xamarin for developing mobile applications on Android and iOS.

It is also held within the Linuxwochen Vienna.

First day at Open Hard- and Software Workshop in Munich

Yesterday was the first day of two of the Open Hard- and Software Workshop (www.ohsw.de)  in Munich. My first reason to attend it, was to meet the guys from the GTA04 project again. But now I am presentating my LCD Multitouch table there.

The day started with a presentation of Nikolaus Schaller about the status of the GTA04 project.

After him,  I had my presentation. You find the slides here: OHSW Präsentation MultiTouch Couch Tisch.

There will be also a video of it, but I didn’t looked at it to see how good it is.  If it is ok, I will upload it to Youtube.
At the afternoon, we also saw a presentation about SHR, the programming language Vala  and an extension board for the Freerunner for RFID/NFC.

In the evening we sat together and had nice chats about various open source topics.

Let’s have a look, what the second day will bring.

Windows 8 on multi touch coffee table

Last wednesday Microsoft published a developer preview of Windows 8. You can get it here.

After trying it out on my Acer 1825PTZ  I decided to put it on my self build multi touch coffee table.

4 hours installing and configuring CCV and Bsqsimulator I got it running. And I was impressed.
The new metro ui works perfect at touchscreens. I couldn’t really stop sitting at the table and “touching” everything.

I plan to do some videos in the next week to show a little bit more, than this one screenshot.

When you see the stuff in live action, you know why I definitely want something like that on the Linux desktop!