Updated ebuilds for uTouch

5 minutes ago, I pushed new ebuilds for Xorg 1.10.4 in my repository.

For a newer Xorg version, there will no ebuilds available until the uTouch guys port there stuff to that version.
Currently the next Ubuntu version 12.04 still uses Xorg 1.10.4, so this is looking bad at the moment.

But have fun with the new ebuilds and please report any problems with them.

Switching disto, again …

Because of the buying of my Acer Aspire 1825PTZ I switched from Ubuntu to Gentoo to get the hardware working.
That was also the reason why I ported the uTouch stack to Gentoo. To use the nice multitouch screen :-).

But time changes and with 3 systems running Gentoo, it takes me too much time to keep them running.

Some weeks ago I found a distribution called Bodhi Linux. It is based on Ubuntu 10.04 and uses E17 as window manager.
This will be my new used distribution.

Sadly it used a rather “old” xorg server (version 1.9). So my first work is to get the normal 1.10 ported and the get also uTouch working there.
With this work, I will update my ebuilds and the patches to the 1.10.4 xorg version for Gentoo.

uTouch & Gentoo

In the last weeks I ported the uTouch Multitouch Stack from Canoncial to Gentoo.

What is ported:

.) Changes from Ubuntu for inputproto, xorg-server, evdev, glib, libXi
.) utouch-frame
.) utouch-geis
.) utouch-grail
.) utouch-evemu
.) mtdev
.) bamf
.) ginn

To get it work:

1.) Download my ebuilds from here
2.) Extract it to a folder of your choice
3.) Add this folder to your overlays
4.) Add the utouch USE flag to your USE flags
5.) Update inputproto, xorg-server, evdev, glib, libXi and emerge ginn

Have fun!