To translate the pictures from the infrared webcam to input events, you need various applications.
The whole process is splitted in 2 parts. The first does the interpretation of the image and outputs the information as TUIO.
The second part takes the TUIO stream and injects the input events into the operating system.

Part 1: Picture => TUIO

For the interpretation of the pictures we use on Linux and Windows CCV. It is developed by the guys from the NuiGroup.

/* Screenshot CCV */

You can change various settings to improve the image quality and to control the detection of touch inputs.

Part 2: TUIO => Input events


Supports multi-touch events. To run it, you need to install the Surface SDK.


Original developed by reacTIVision. Supports only single-touch events.

Does not work currently. Will support multi-touch events. More about it on the separate page.