The overall construction of MARK consists of three parts, the inner and outer cage and the board.

Board: It contains the enlighten acrylic glass surrounded by infrared LEDs.

Outer cage: It is used as the basement of the board and contains the inner cage. The PC components are mounted on its back wall.

Inner cage: The LCD panel is placed on the top of the inner cage, whereas the backlight and the infrared camera is placed at the base.


This manual illustrates how we are create a 27″ version of the Mark II. If you would like to assemble one with a different display size, you can adjust our OpenSCAD construction file. Just alter the variables in order to match your needs and you will get all actual measurements that you need for the construction in the output of the OpenSCAD construction file.

OpenSCAD Mark II construction file: here

Part List for 27″ version: here



Required parts: 2x W5, 1x W6, 1x A1, 200x E2, 40x E1


Outer Cage:

Required parts: 2x W7, 2x W8, 1x W9, 16x I1, 64x I2


Inner Cage:

Required parts: 16x I1, 64x I2