Tips for starting develop in F# in Atom

After some days working with Atom to write in F# code, here are some tips:

.) Read the manual and use the ionide-installer package 😉

On my first try I installed some ionide packages and so some features where missing. So really read the manual and use the ionide-installer package.

.) On Mac OS X – use the Mono package and not the one from Homebrew

When you are using the Homebrew version, Ionide can not spawn the background service for the autocompletion.
If you use the Mono one from everything works.
Additional this package includes the reference assemblies for Portable Class Libraries. Without them you can not compile a PCL.

.) Additional packages

.) using Yeoman and the generator-fsharp

Yeoman with the F#- Generator ( is a nice tool for creating new projects from templates.
I added some new features in the last view days:

Hopefully they will be merged in the next days.