Upcoming Talks

In the next week, I will give some talks in Vienna.

1.) Cross Mobile Testautomation mit XAMARIN & SPECFLOW

It is a talk about using SpecFlow (www.specflow.org) to test your mobile applications.

It is held for the Vienna Mobile Quality Crew at Bena Business Services GmbH
(Herrengasse 1-3, Vienna) at the 23. April 2015.

More information: http://www.meetup.com/Vienna-Mobile-Quality-Crew-Meetup/events/220673132/


2.) .Net & OpenSource – current status

The talk is about the current status of the “open sourcing” of the .Net Framework.

It is held within the Linuxwochen Vienna (www.linuxwochen.at) somewhen on 7. – 9. May 2015.


3.) iOS und Android Entwicklung mit Xamarin

In this talk I show how you use Xamarin for developing mobile applications on Android and iOS.

It is also held within the Linuxwochen Vienna.

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