Android Memory Monitor

At my current project I am searching current some memory leaks.
Always searching GC_ messages in logcat and executing endless adb shell dumpsys meminfo are boring after some time, so I created the Android Memory Monitor.

Chrome memory graph in Android Memory Montor

Chrome memory graph in Android Memory Monitor

It’s a simple application, where you choose your device, the running app and press “Start”.
You can choose which memory values you want to see and in which interval they should be updated.
After some time, you have beautiful memory graphs.

Download Binaries: AndroidMemoryMonitor_1.0

Download Sources: GitHub Project / GitHup Sources Zip

Technical background stuff:

The application calls in the background the “adb shell dumpsys meminfo <packagename>” command and parses it’s output.
For that I use the library Managed Android Debug Bridge (Mad Bee).

To display the graphs I use the library OxyPlot.

For the UI it uses WPF with a little bit of MVVM Light.

Limitation: ADB has to be at following location: C:\android\platform-tools\adb.exe

It you have questions, suggestions or found bugs, please leave a comment or send me a mail.

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