Windows 8 on multi touch coffee table

Last wednesday Microsoft published a developer preview of Windows 8. You can get it here.

After trying it out on my Acer 1825PTZĀ  I decided to put it on my self build multi touch coffee table.

4 hours installing and configuring CCV and Bsqsimulator I got it running. And I was impressed.
The new metro ui works perfect at touchscreens. I couldn’t really stop sitting at the table and “touching” everything.

I plan to do some videos in the next week to show a little bit more, than this one screenshot.

When you see the stuff in live action, you know why I definitely want something like that on the Linux desktop!


  1. Hello,
    You seem to be one of the few on this planet who got this working on W8..
    Did you level up to Release Preview yet? I’m collecting information on how I might get it running this weekend…
    greetings from Aachen,


    1. Hi

      No, I did not upgraded to the new Preview. I will wait for the final version to upgrade my system.

      BR from Vienna


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