I am on GitHub

I finally found some time to push some of my projects to GitHub.

.) Efl- Sharp – https://github.com/SabotageAndi/efl-sharp
My C# bindings for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. I didn’t have much time in the last weeks to work further on them, but I will need them for another project, so there will be more new stuff in the future.

.) uTouch Gentoo ebuilds – https://github.com/SabotageAndi/gentoo-portage-overlay
I ported my intial ebuilds to the latest versions of various packages and took the opportunity to also push these to GitHub.
In the repository will be also other ebuilds, as an ebuild for the driver for the Ralink rt3572 wlan chip.


Have fun with it.


  1. Truely co0l you did this! now it would be even more applaudable if you could “contact the Gentoo Overlays team at ” and ask for your git repo to be added to the global gentoo overlay list.. 😀
    thx in any case for putting effort into porting and updating the ebuilds, eager to try them with my shiny new multitouch screen 🙂


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